The Cookware

Cookware that can feel.

The Cooktop

Precision induction heat.

The App

Culinary intelligence, guidance, & control.

Image of Hestan Cue System cooking Cioppino
Image of Hestan Cue System cooking Cioppino

The best way to upgrade your cooking skills

Cue’s precision temperature control and 500+ recipes with step-by-step video instructions guide you from prepping the ingredients to plating the final dish. Even if you’ve never cooked risotto, buffalo wings, or a scallop, you will achieve perfect results the very first time – and every time after.

Become fearless in the kitchen

Induction burner, stainless steel smart cookware, chef guided recipes and app – the Cue system does the work of 8 appliances and brings the secrets of culinary science into your kitchen.

Quickly master complex, flavorful dishes

Cue’s real-time coaching guides you from culinary self-doubt to mastery

hestan cue app listing many different recipes

1. Pick a recipe

Tell the Cue what you’re cooking, and it will set you up for victory. Choose from over 500 video guided recipes, with new ones added weekly.

2. Cook with real-time coaching

High, medium, or low? For how long? Is it done? Cue takes the guesswork out of cooking and tells you the exact moment to add ingredients, flip, season, and baste

cooking with the hestan cue chefs pot and the app on an ipad
finished corn soup in bowl

3. Guaranteed exceptional results

Never overcook your meal again. Powered by Intelligent Heat, the Cue automatically times and controls your cooking to guide you towards perfect results. Always

Watch and learn, then eat

Our video guides take you through every step of every recipe, leading to consistently delicious results. From perfect pancakes to the best seafood stew you've ever tasted. Choose from 500+ recipes and level up your cooking skills.