5 Tips to Build a Better Burger

  • 2 min read

Summer is almost upon us and you know what that means: burger season. With Hestan Cue, you don't need a big outdoor grill to cook up the perfect burger. Hestan Cue's culinary team shares 5 pro tips to make your burger even better:

1. Grind Your Own
It may seem like a hassle, but grinding your own meat makes a world of difference in flavor and texture. You can play around with different grind sizes and cuts of meat in order to create your own custom burger blend. Just use a simple hand-crank style meat grinder or stand mixer attachment, and you’ll see that a little extra effort creates a lot more excitement at the dinner table.

2. Don't Manhandle Your Meat
Ground beef is a bit like bread: the more you knead it the denser the finished patty will become. When you work the beef, you're working proteins together, just like kneading bread creates long strings of gluten. So mix your burger meat delicately until your seasoning is just incorporated, and leave it at that.

3. Weigh your Patties
By making your patties a uniform weight and size, you ensure that they'll cook evenly and consistently. Simply use a baker's scale to weigh out about 6 ounce portions, then gently form your patties into even disks.

4. Season Generously
Don't be shy with the salt. We prefer Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt as our all-purpose salt choice but use what you like. (Keep in mind that Morton's brand will be a bit more salty than the Diamond Crystal, and table salt will be the saltiest.) Seasoning the patty before cooking will help lock in that luscious, juicy flavor that defines a good burger. If you wait to season the meat until after you've cooked the patty, you're left with a salty outer layer and bland tasting center. Don't forget to season with fresh ground black pepper too!

5. Pick the Perfect Bun
Let's talk about the importance of making a perfect bun. We strive for a bun with that soft pillowy texture that absorbs all that delicious burger juice, but doesn't get too soggy. A toasted brioche bun is a Hestan Cue favorite, and when toasted, offers just the right bit of crunch for textural contrast. Just pop them in the oven as the burger finishes, or if you're feeling indulgent, toast them in a pan with some butter.   Hungry yet? Download our app and purchase the Hestan Cue to browse all recipes, including our juicy Pub Burger with Sautéed Onions!