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Introducing the Hestan Smart Induction Cooktop

This fall, Hestan Indoor will release a Smart Induction Cooktop with embedded Cue technology. Imagine all the benefits of the Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System incorporated into a sleek, built-in appliance. The Hestan 36" Smart Induction Cooktop works with our Hestan Cue app and smart cookware to offer the same temperature-controlled guided cooking experience as our countertop unit. Features of the Hestan Smart Induction Cooktop:
  • Access hundreds of video-guided recipes or cook with precise temperature without a recipe using the Control Mode feature on the free Hestan Cue app.
  • Bluetooth technology and embedded temperature sensors automatically control cooking temperatures and timing as your proceed through each recipe step.
  • Precision induction elements deliver immediately responsive temperature control to provide consistent cooking results.
  • Induction power generates exceptionally high heat with greater energy efficiency and safety.
  • Low simmer allows for gentle cooking for even the most delicate of sauces.
  • Easy to use slide touch controls offer smooth, intuitive and precise power control.
  • Patent-pending Marquise Accented™ glass adds signature style and a sleek, elegant cooking surface that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Hestan Cue smart fry pan with embedded temperature sensor included. Additional smart cookware sold separately.
See how Cue technology is helping more people cook with confidence with exceptional results. [embed][/embed]

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