The Cookware

Cookware that can feel.

The Cooktop

Precision induction heat.

The App

Culinary intelligence, guidance, & control.

Mix it Up!

Mix & Match

With hundreds of recipes in the Hestan Cue app — from family favoriteCarbonara to healthyZa’atar Roasted Carrots or show-stoppingPan Seared Sole with Dill and Caviar — there’s a dish to satisfy almost any craving.

But sometimes you get home and want to make your own rules cook with whatever’s in the fridge, or maybe swap out a protein in your favorite Cue recipe.Hestan Cue’s Mix & Match feature allows you to choose your preferred protein as it filters through our sauces to provide you with the best pairings.

Our custom algorithm combines your selected items to create a guided recipe that will help you prep and cook seamlessly. Are you in the mood for an Asian dish — or are you feeling more Italian inspired? Maybe you prefer your Tikka Masala with chicken instead of shrimp? With the Mix & Match feature, you can experiment with different combinations until you find the recipe that’s right for you. No matter what you’re craving, Hestan Cue is here to guide you every step of the way.

Download the Hestan Cue app for iOS and Android for tips & tricks from the pros, video-guided recipes, and precise temperature cooking for the Hestan Cue.

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