Cue paid for itself after 6 weeks.

"Before I started cooking on Cue, I was spending way too much on eating out at restaurants. My wife and I could easily spend $50 on a dinner out. We could spend the same amount of money 6x at restaurants or we could make the investment to eat better and learn new skills. Once I did the math I realized my money goes a lot further when I cook at home. And because of Cue’s guaranteed results I don’t have to worry about messing up expensive ingredients. The tri-ply stainless steel cookware is made to last and holds up to daily use. Now the meals I cook at home are better than eating out at a fraction of the cost." - Robert L. 

Cue helped me get out of my recipe rut.

"The Cue app has over 500 video-guided recipes created by a team of Michelin starred chefs, who are developing new recipes every week. Before Cue, I was cooking the same eight dishes again and again. I love that I can select from hundreds of recipes across a variety of cuisines, meal types, and even filter by my dietary needs." - Jessica D.

I use Cue at least 4 times a week.

"Every morning I make eggs for breakfast and during the weeknights Cue always comes to the rescue for a quick and easy dinner. On the weekends, I really enjoy the chance to put on my chef’s hat and show off for my family. Plus with induction heating I use less energy than my gas stove." - Alex S.

Cue doesn't take up room in my kitchen.

"Because Cue is about the size of my toaster, I feel comfortable leaving it on my countertop so I can use it everyday. If I need to I can easily tuck it away in a drawer. Or when I’m traveling Cue is easy to bring along so I can have restaurant-quality meals anywhere." - Roger F. 

Cue is so easy to clean.

"When I cook with temperature control nothing ever burns or scorches so cleaning my Cue cookware is really easy. I just bring it right to the sink, rinse it with soapy water, and dry. Or I can even load it into my dishwasher." - Tony B.

I eat healthier and I don't waste food.

"When I cook with Cue I eat healthier since all of the recipes use whole foods and real ingredients. I never worry about messing up or wasting expensive ingredients, like scallops, because I know they will also turn out perfect with Cue’s precision temperature control." Steve A. 

After cooking on Cue, I could never cook without temperature control.

"Cooking on Cue is so much better than cooking on my stove top. When I cook with precision temperature control it’s the difference between my Salmon fillet sticking on high or sliding off the pan at 450˚F; the difference between scorching my garlic on medium-low or producing a savory aromatic at 300˚F; or the difference between throwing away that first weird pancake on medium or producing an instant golden brown delicious one every time at 400˚F. Precision temperature control makes terminology like low, medium, and high a thing of the past." - Richard M. 

Cue takes control so I can be creative and confident.

"The step-by-step video guidance removes all the guesswork from a recipe. Now I can just watch the Chefs in the video as I follow along. And with precision temperature control I don’t have to try to figure out what medium is and I don’t need to stress about ruining nice ingredients. I feel confident every time I cook and I’m empowered to be creative knowing Cue has my back." - Allison M. 

Cue has replaced my other countertop appliances.

"Because Cue’s smart cookware can sense and control the temperature I use it more than my other appliances. My 3.5 quart Sauce Pot doubles as a fondue pot, a yogurt maker, a double boiler, a chafing dish, and a rice cooker. While my 5.5 quart Chef’s Pot can act as a slow cooker, a candy maker, and a fryer. I no longer have a need for single-use appliances since Cue offers over 11 different cooking functions." - Jack W.

Now my kids cook for me! 

"My whole family loves to cook on Cue. Plus the induction cooktop is safer than gas, and the step-by-step video guided recipes are easy to understand. My kids especially love to help make Buttermilk Pancakes and I feel good that they are learning to cook." - Nick T. 

Cue makes it simple for me to cook complex, amazing meals.

"I’ve always considered myself a good cook, but Cue changes what I cook and helps me learn other techniques. With the recipe showing me what to shop for and teaching me step-by-step it makes complicated dishes very easy. The meal I made looks exactly like the food in the app. I can show off for my friends and family without the fear of failure." Lisa R. 

Cue keeps getting better and I never have to pay a subscription fee. 

"All of the recipes and content in the Cue app is free. I can access hundreds of chef tested recipes that guide me step-by-step. Or I can use control mode to set my Cue to the exact temperature I need to cook my grandmother’s tomato sauce. Plus the app is always updating with new and delicious recipes for me to try." - Joanne C.