The Cookware

Cookware that can feel.

The Cooktop

Precision induction heat.

The App

Culinary intelligence, guidance, & control.

Hestan Cue Academy

"Learn new techniques with our video-guided recipes" text above 3 smartphones showing different steps of a guided recipe on the hestan cue app

Your App, Your Guide

Link to a page that calls details out how the app helps you

hestan cue professional chef presenting the hestan cue smart cooking system and an ipad running the hestan cue app

Meet Your Team of Personal Chefs

This page links to a detail of all the great Hestan Cue chefs to give deeper authority to the product and what they have to offer (think Peloton).

perfectly cooked steak sliced on a cutting board


This links to our recipe page

person basting a steak on the hestan cue smart pan on top of the smart burner


This links to a page with videos on culinary techniques

cookbook open on kitchen countertop on a complicated recipe for shrimp tacos

Culinary Learning (Blog)

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User Stories

This links to a page highlighting great user stories, hacks and general interest.