Take a Guided Tour With a Professional Chef

We all know seeing is believing. Experience the full capabilities of the Hestan Cue with one of our professional chefs. They will guide you through all of Cue's features so you can see first hand the power of the Hestan Cue smart cooking system before you purchase.

live demonstration of cue system on laptop

Try Before You Buy

Take the Hestan Cue smart cooking system home for 101 days and we'll be sure you'll love it. If you don't then we'll happily take it back at no charge. 

Fits Any Kitchen

The Hestan Cue takes up about the same space as a regular toaster. While its circular thin shape fits in any kitchen nook leaving you plenty of counter space for meal prep.

One Cooktop, Thousands of Possibilities

Start with the 11" pan and graduate to the 3.5qt Sauce Pot or upgrade to the 5.5qt Chef's Pot for monster meal prep. We're only just getting started. Our team of food scientists and engineers are busy building new cookware to unleash radical new cooking applications and recipes. Like a Tesla or your iPhone, the Hestan Cue only gets better over time.

Dishwasher Ready

All our high-quality cookware is designed for punishment. Our tri-ply stainless steel construction has no problem going for a bath in your dishwasher.

From Vegetables to Proteins to Dessert & More

On average, our customer uses Cue at least twice a day to prepare perfect meals at home. Our library of 500+ video-guided recipes spans everything from proteins, vegan, paleo, breakfast and more.

No Food Wasted, Ever

"I bought Hestan Cue because it perfectly portions the ingredients so I don't waste anything. Furthermore, every dish comes out just right and flavorful so I don't have to worry about throwing food away"
- Jon Mozieka, Hestan Cue customer since 2017