Cook connected to a chef.

500+ step-by-step video guided recipes with real-time-heat control.

  • hestan cue smart pan on GE induction stove with overlay showing bluetooth connection between pan and burner knob
  • finished crispy skin salmon dish made on hestan cue
hestan cue five piece cookware set with best value sticker overlaid

5 Piece Cookware Set

The complete smart cookware set with over 12 cooking functions.

• 11" Smart Pan

• 3.5qt Sauce Pot (with lid) 

• 5.5qt Chef's Pot (with lid)

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Precision comes in many forms

The Hestan Cue 5.5qt Chef's Pot and 3.5qt Sauce Pot are now available on select GE appliance models*.

  • Zachary Kaplan

    “I’ve never made scallops better than the ones I made with Hestan Cue. Then again, I’ve never made scallops, period.”

  • Joe Ray

    “Step-by-step guidance through tested recipes helps ensure successes like nailing the internal temperature of a pan-seared steak.”

  • Chef Jeff Mahin

    “The tech will change how we cook and how we learn to cook. I’m eating my words.”