The Cookware

Cookware that can feel.

The Cooktop

Precision induction heat.

The App

Culinary intelligence, guidance, & control.

hestan cue pan on GE induction cooktop cooking crispy skin salmon

Cook connected to a chef.

500+ step-by-step video guided recipes with real-time-heat control.

hestan cue five piece cookware set with best value sticker overlaid

5 Piece Cookware Set

The complete smart cookware set with over 12 cooking functions.

• 11" Smart Pan

• 3.5qt Sauce Pot (with lid)

• 5.5qt Chef's Pot (with lid)

Precision comes in many forms.

The Hestan Cue 5.5qt Chef's Pot and 3.5qt Sauce Pot are now available on select GE appliance models*.

grid of many small images showing the many uses of the hestan cue system and finished dishes
GE logo and hestan cue smart cooking system logo side-by-side

· Cafe Slide in 240V CHS900M
· Cafe Slide in 208V CHS900M
· Cafe Slide in 208V CHS900P
· Cafe Slide in 240V CHS900P
· Cafe Slide in 208V CHS950P
· Cafe Slide in 240V CHS950P
· Cafe CHP95362MSS (11" Smart Pan only)
· Cafe CHP95302MSS (11" Smart Pan only)

· Profile Slide in 240V PHS930YP1FS, PHS930BP1TS, PHS930YP2FS, PHS930BP2TS, PHS930YP3FS PHS930BP3TS

· Profile Pop Up Slide-in 240V PHS93X

Cafe Pop Up Slide-in 208V CHS90XM
Cafe Pop Up Slide-in 240V CHS90XM
Cafe Pop Up Slide-in 208V CHS90XP
Cafe Pop Up Slide-in 240V CHS90XP

Monogram 36in Gas Pro Range ZDP364
Monogram 48in Gas Pro Range ZDP484