Hestan Cue ™ Smart Probe

Getting Started

Your Hestan Cue™ Smart Probe connects with Bluetooth technology to your Cue Smart Induction Cooktop. Together with the Cue app the probe works to monitor and adjust temperature while you follow a guided recipe.

Use the Hestan Cue ™ Smart Probe with your existing non-connected cookware and the Cue app in Control Mode to set precise temperature.

New to Hestan Cue?

Get started by downloading the Cue app for IOS or android

How to Connect the Hestan Cue ™ Smart Probe

  1. Download the Cue app. Create an account or sign in to your existing account.
  2. Click on Profile and select add Add Smart Accessories
  3. Select Smart Probe
  4. Select Add Cooktop and select Cue Burner

Let’s Get Cooking

  • To cook with your Hestan Cue™ Smart Probe select Control Mode from the app home screen.
  • Select Probe on the Select Your Cookware screen
  • Select your preferred modality:
    • Sous Vide- gently cook vegetables and proteins to perfection
    • Deep Fry- make your fried favorites, from doughnuts to fried chicken
    • Slow Cook- braise or simmer without scorching or burning
    • Candy Making- create a variety of confections like marshmallows and toffee
  • Dial in the down-to-the-degree temperature for your recipe and start cooking. You can select Temperature Guide for our Chefs’ recommended temperatures for each modality.

Guided Cooking

Looking for some inspiration? Try our guided recipes. As you cook the Cue app will automatically adjust the cooking time and temperatures.

FAQ’s & Support

The Smart Probe offers effortless sous vide, deep frying, slow cooking, candy making, and more.

Yes, the Smart Probe must be connected with the Cue Smart Induction Cooktop and Cue app before you can start cooking.

Yes, using Control Mode you can create your own delicious recipes with precision temperature control.

Yes, you can use any induction safe cookware or Cue Smart Cookware.

Yes, you do need WiFi to connect to the Cue app before you start cooking.

The Smart Probe is dishwasher safe. Ensure the battery capsule is sealed before placing in the dishwasher.

While the Smart Probe is not an instant read thermometer it can be used to measure the internal temperature of proteins. Do not use the Smart Probe in your oven, smoker, or grill.

No, do not use your Smart Probe in the oven as it can damage the internal electronics.

The Smart Probe measures from 35˚F/1.7˚C to 400˚F/204˚C.

Not yet, the Smart Probe is currently not compatible with GE cooktops.