Making Delicious Meals is Complicated

The temperature is always changing depending on how much food is in the pan, the material of the pan, and the burner setting. And how do you know what temperature the burner is anyway? 

Knowing when to flip your salmon fillet depends on the thickness of the fish. This means every time you cook a different fillet the right moment to flip is unique.

We all want the same thing- to succeed in the kitchen. But not all of us can dedicate years to learning culinary techniques.

cookbook open on kitchen countertop on a complicated recipe for shrimp tacos

Cookbooks and Recipe Websites Are Incomplete

Finding a delicious looking recipe in a cookbook or recipe website isn’t difficult.

Everyone knows the hard part is actually cooking the dish.  It isn’t the cookbook or website’s fault though.

They didn’t make the directions for your pan, for your specific ingredients, or for your stove.

This means your dish almost never tastes as good as it could.

Enjoy a delicious dish

Delicious food is one of life’s simple pleasures.  It doesn’t matter if it’s just for yourself or for a guest or two, good food is part of a good life.

cooking scallops with hestan cue smart cooking system. a person's hand basting the scallops with butter

Prepare food that a chef would be proud to serve

Chefs know the perfect dish is about flavor and texture. 

They have spent years perfecting how the ingredients, heat and timing interact to achieve the ideal flavor and texture.

You can do the same without sweating it out in a kitchen.

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