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Precision Non-Stick 28cm Pan

Precision Non-Stick 28cm Pan

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The new Precision Non-stick pan is perfect for cooking delicate egg dishes, candy making, and searing. 
  • Non-toxic, PFOA/PFOS free non-stick finish bonded to tri-ply stainless steel pan, with embedded temperature sensors and Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Ceramic reinforced finish delivers superior durability than traditional non-stick cookware
  • Heat resistant up to 500F and dishwasher safe
  • Coming soon to GE Cafe appliances 
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      • Good for

        Our original and most essential piece of smart cookware now reengineered in non-stick. Made from professional quality tri-ply stainless with three layers of non-toxic PFOA/PFOS free coating. This ceramic reinforced finish provides a naturally non-stick and durable surface.

      • Benefits

        • 300+ video-guided recipes
        • Superior performance for cooking eggs, candy making, searing, browning, and deglazing proteins.
        • Reduce splatter and cook healthier with less oil.
        • Heat resistant up to 500F, easy clean up and dishwasher safe

      Product specifications

      Precision Non-Stick 28cm Pan


      3 layer non-toxic PFOA/PFOS free non-stick finish with tri-ply stainless steel base

      Product Dimensions

      Length: 50.17 cm
      Width: 27.94 cm
      Height: 9.53 cm

      Product Weight

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