Hestan Cue 11" Smart Pan


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The ideal size for cooking a wide variety of proteins and other essential ingredients, our 11" pan is your crucial cookware.

Made of durable tri-ply stainless steel and embedded with a temperature sensor, the pan is engineered to talk to the Hestan Cue app and Cue-enabled induction burners to deliver restaurant-quality results every single time.

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“I just love Cue! This is the first time that I’ve ever cooked salmon without burning it or drying it out. It was better than anything I had eaten at a restaurant.”
— Philip L.

Your Go to Tool In The Kitchen

Hestan Cue users cook on average more than 4 meals per week on the Cue. All while using less than half the energy of gas cooking.


Hestan Cue 11" Pan

Cooking Modalities

The ideal size for cooking a wide variety of proteins and other essential ingredients, with our 11" pan achieve these cooking functions...

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Vicky S.
United States United States
New opportunities

Its been a learning experience. I’m new to induction (GE Cafe range) and to a temperature controlled pan. I try to use one guided recipe a week and I’m just starting to use the temperature control without the app. As an experienced cook I have to skip many of the prep steps, in the guided recipes. Over all I very pleased with the pan. I have a little problem with the left two cook areas not working on my induction range after I have used the Hestan Cue pan. I need a little more experience with the pan and range to know if this is a problem requiring a “service call” or is some how “operator error”.

Brad W.
United States United States
Love it!!!

Love it!!!!!

Kenzo H.
Food is good

I wasn't sure if this was going to be a gimick or what, but I've cooked with the Cue a few times and I haven't been let down. It's worth trying

Morena R.
I wish I was a food tester at Hestan

I've only make 6 or 7 recipes with the Cue, but I've enjoyed them all. Is there a "food tester" position open at Hestan? :)

Addison A.
Party fun

I had a covid-safe "party" with my family and inner-circle friends in my backyard. I had the BBQ going, but also had the Cue making some side dishes. My friends had fun looking at me cook with my new "cooking gizmo" but loved the food (the Mexican street corn is amazing, by the way).