hestan cue system cooking frying food

Take Matt Bolus Home Tonight

We've teamed up with the world's best chefs to allow you to deliver their world-class recipes in the comfort of your own home. With the Hestan Cue cooking system and Matt Bolus as your guide, you'll have the power to recreate his most famous dishes quicker than you can say Nashville, Tennessee!

Use coupon code: MATTBOLUS to get 25% off all Hestan Cue products site wide. Limited time offer!

Famous Nashville Hot Chicken? Yes You Can!

Nashville hot chicken is easy, you just need the right guide and the right tools to deliver this in your own home. Matt will guide you through each step from creating the marinade to breading the chicken. Matt guarantees you’ll hit a home run with this one!

Supporting Our Chefs

Use coupon code MATTBOLUS to get 25% off all Hestan Cue products. A portion of all sales go to supporting Matt Bolus and his restaurants. Limited time offer!

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