The Cookware

Cookware that can feel.

The Cooktop

Precision induction heat.

The App

Culinary intelligence, guidance, & control.

hestan cue pan on GE induction cooktop cooking crispy skin salmon
woman cooking tilapia on a hestan cue smart pan on a GE induction stovetop, watching an ipad with the hestan cue app step-by-step recipe

Take Your Culinary Skills To The Next Level

Purchase a Cafe Cooktop with model number CHP95362MSS or CHP95302MSS and receive a free Hestan Cue 11" Stainless Steel Smart Pan valued at $199.

The Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System and Cafe Cooktop delivers precision temperature control and gourmet guided cooking from the world's best chefs. Simply click on the link below or click here to claim your free Smart Pan.

If you need any help claiming your pan or getting set up with your cooktop, simply click here to get support from one of our service agents.

How To Redeem

To claim your free pan, simply click on the link below that says "Get My Pan". Then enter the following information:

1. Shipping address(No P.O. boxes please).

2. Your GE serial number which you must enter in the "Discount Code" box (in the form of "SNyourserial" - see below example) on the right side of the Check Out screen.

If you are using a small screen (like a phone or tablet) you will need to tap on the "show order summary" pull-down menu where you'll be able to find the “Discount Code” box.

Note: your Cafe Induction Serial Number can be found underneath your cooktop or on the registration card. The serial number will look similar to this: "RL743229B", your discount code: "SNRL743229B"

3. Please allow up to 90 days for delivery of your Smart Pan

hestan cue smart pan on a kitchen countertop
side-by-side logos: cafe distinct by design and hestan cue smart cooking system