Smart Precision Non-Stick Pan + Induction Cooktop

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    Limited quantities available! Pre-order now for shipping by November 20th. 

    The new Precision Non-stick cooking system is perfect for cooking delicate egg dishes, candy making, and searing. 

    • 11" pan with 3 layers of non-toxic PFOA/PFOS free non-stick finish bonded to tri-ply stainless steel with embedded temperature sensors and Bluetooth connectivity.
    • Powerful, precise-control 1600w induction cooktop
    • Companion app with hundreds of chef-tested recipes
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      2-Year Warranty

      “We've re-engineered non-stick to deliver guaranteed results, every time!”
      — Owen Wyatt

      Your Go to Tool In The Kitchen

      Hestan Cue users cook on average more than 4 meals per week on the Cue. All while using less than half the energy of gas cooking.

      Precision Control, Culinary Tested

      You asked, we listened.

      A Non-Stick temperature-controlled smart pan has been the most highly requested product from our Hestan Cue home cooks. If we were to do this we knew it had to be extremely durable while delivering the highest quality culinary results.

      The result is our patented Precision Non-Stick tri-coating. Superior durability over regular non-stick with incredible food release.

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      Non-Stick Like No Other

      The Next Evolution of Non-stick

      Compared to traditional non-stick cookware, Cue’s Precision Non-stick offers superior durability. Finally a non-toxic finish that lives up to the performance and strength of professional quality cookware.
         - PFOA/PFOS free, non-toxic finish
         - Ceramic reinforced coating bonded to tri-ply stainless steel
         - Safe for use with metal utensils
         - Heat resistant up to 500F

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      New Culinary Adventures

      You’re about to get a 3rd Michelin star

      Non-stick cookware is preferred by top chefs when cooking delicate eggs, effortless candies, and searing crispy skinned salmon. With Cue’s new Precision Non-stick you can achieve guaranteed results without fear or guesswork. Plus when you can cook with less oil you’ll reduce splatter and eat healthier.  

      Included is our smart induction cooktop powered with intelligent heat. Real-time data communicating between your cookware, the cooktop, and the Cue app takes the guesswork out of cooking. Cook along with other 500 video-guided recipes in the companion Cue app. 

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      Say Goodbye to Cleaning

      Effortless Clean Up

      Let’s face it, we all love exploring new dishes with Cue as our sous chef, but we hate the clean up. With the non-toxic finish of Precision Non-stick you’ll never scrub or scour again. Simply wipe the pan clean or load into your dishwasher.

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      Precision Non-Stick Pan

      Looking to purchase just the Hestan Cue Precision Non-Stick Pan? Simply click the link below to link to pan only product page.


      11" Precision Non-Stick Smart Pan



      Cooking Modalities

      The ideal size for cooking a wide variety of proteins and other essential ingredients, with our 11" pan achieve these cooking functions...

      Connected and Controlled by Our App

      Use the Cue app to connect your cooktop and cookware to provide precise temperature control and recipe guidance.

      High Quality Connected Cookware

      Grow your collection with our additional smart cookware compatible with your induction cooktop.